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Who we are

Who we are

We are changing the Latin American healthcare system with evidence-based technologies that enable better care, drive measurable outcomes and enrich the doctor-patient relationship in innovative, profound and meaningful ways.

Software as a medicine

Axenya develops software that delivers clinically proven therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, or treat medical disorders or diseases.

Integrated into clinical programs

Our software can be used as additional help alongside traditional treatment of health conditions or as a replacement for conventional phermaceuticals in general.


Our products are produced through medical research and are backed by clinical studies and real-world outcomes.

World-class standards

Axenya is the first (and only) Latin American member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance. Axenya’s products are built to the highest scientific and clinical standards.

Our Name

Axenya is a portmanteau of the Greek prefix a- (α-intensive) indicating ‘superlative’ and xenia, meaning ‘hospitality’ or ‘courtesy’.

For our doctors and patients, Axenya is a digital health sanctuary, a state-of-the-art medical technology affregator where the ‘’travelers of life” can take a moment od respite to satisfy all their digital health needs. For our partners, Axenya is the perfect host, a platform where their therapeutic solutions can find a home away form home to live and thrive.

For the healthcare system, Axenya is the ultimate digital health marketplace, an oasis where digital health offer and demand can connect with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our Team

Founded by accomplished health entrepreneurs, Axenya has a team with deep healthcare and technology background in first tier companies. The company is backed by some of the top investors in the region and US.

An engineer by training and a Harvard MBA, Mariano is an accomplished entrepreneur with multiple blockbuster exits. He has 25+ years of experience in biotech, med-tech and digital health in the US, Europe and Latin America. Over the course of his career, he has served as CEO of private and public companies, worked with start-ups, growth-stage and global multinationals, served as director on several boards and as member of the investment team at a number of private equity firms. Mariano has led numerous M&A deals, licensed some four dozen innovative molecules, raised over half a billion dollars in capital and led one of the largest healthcare IPOs in Latin America’s history.

Renato has one of the deepest and widest backgrounds in technological licensing and deal making in the Latin American healthcare space, having spearheaded dozens of high-tech transactions in the past decade. Over the past 25 years, Renato has also participated in several startups, led business development efforts of large multinational firms and served as a management consultant to some of the premier players in Latin America and Europe. He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and an engineering degree from Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.

Luciana has a profound passion for designing healthcare products that can make a difference in the world. She has forged an entrepreneurial background, working at Appia and Trama. She was also an intern at Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica.

Enterpreneur graduated from Insper, in São Paulo, Raffael has 7 years of experience with start-ups, especially in those developing technologies in the health area. Over the years, Raffael acted as president of the Insper Entrepreneurs League, which assists young entrepreneurs in the growth of their early stage start-ups, led product teams of two growth-stage startups, one of them in the health area, and founded two start-ups, being one of them a healthtech.

Fabio is the frontman at technology, with 20+ years experience as software developer building SaaS, e-commerce and marketplace solutions, he has a solid experience overseas in Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, he is responsible for Axenya tech team, building the next world class health product. Fabio holds a Computer Science bachelor degree and MBA from Escola Politécnica USP.

Fernando has over two decades of experience in corporate finance. He has held CFO and senior finance positions in private and public companies in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, several in the healthcare sector. He also worked extensively in banking and Siembra (Citibank), one of the leading pension funds in Argentina. He holds an Economics degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires and a Master in Business Administration from UCEMA.

Gaston is leading the business development efforts for the company. Prior to Axenya, he performed functions in different areas of the financial industry following a progressive and ascending path of professional growth. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and a Postgraduate degree in Business Analytics from Universidad ORT Uruguay. He has also studied abroad at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.