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What we do

What we do

Chronic diseases are the most pressing issue in healthcare today

One out of three adults

in Latin-America suffer from one or more chronic conditions.

Two out of three deaths

in the region are due to chronic condition or a complication of a chronic condition.

82% of the healthcare costs

in Latin-America are attributable to chronic conditions. Currently $370B or 6.5% of GDP (and rising).

Up to 80% of the effects

of chronic conditions can be prevented through a range of interventions, many of them simple and inexpensive.

The traditional patient-journey gives insufficient wherewithal for decision making

Doctors have limited time, must define a plan with limited set of referred symptoms and signals, Can only measure signals in the confines of the office or a lab, not in real world and Loses track of patient the minute he or she walks out the office.

99.9% of the time, chronic patient makes key day to day decisions alone with minimal support an almost no data. Patients often feel overwhelmed by the challenges associated with the implementation of their care program. As a result, most patients struggle to comply with treatment guidelines, which results in worse clinical controls.

Axenya Augmented Medical Care Platform

Axenya is building one place to have all the patient’s healthcare needs taken care of and yet not lose the empathy, not lose the human touch and, most importantly, not lose the connection to physicians”. An integrated system allows for health needs to be met on a long-term basis. Rather than a checkup once a year or two or three control visits and no interactions in between the doctor-patient relationship becomes what was always meant to be: a longitudinal relationship that brings together professional care, digital assets and data science all to bear for the patient.

Turn by turn navigation, for life

Healthcare before

With Axenya

Scared and alone

Never alone -support 24/7/365

A limited, one size-fits all, clinical roadmap

Personalized treatment with “turn by turn navigation”

Guessing clinical variables through imperfect and indirect signals

Measure precise metrics through connected biosensors

Must track and analyze data manually, from diverse sources

Axenya collects, integrates and analyzes data consistently and automatically

Feeling judged at every step

Continuous support