Signed collaboration agreement

Apr 2, 2020 /Press releases

Montevideo, Uruguay, April 1st, 2020 / PRNewswire / AXENYA, a Latin-American digital health start-up company, announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Social Diabetes, the leading European player in Diabetes care software.   

SocialDiabetes is a complete solution for diabetes care with more than 200,000 registered users.  Founded in 2008, Social Diabetes brings patients and healthcare professionals together to guarantee better treatment based on digital health and remote assistance, through mobile apps and an encompassing medical platform.   Axenya is a platform digital health player with a mission to empower Latin-America’s doctors and patients to plug into the future of medicine.  

“We are thrilled to initiate this agreement with Social Diabetes”, said Axenya’s CEO, Mariano 

Garcia-Valiño. “Social Diabetes is a world-class player, with European and FDA certification. It represents the type of high-quality technology we want to bring to the region”.

Diabetes has become one of the top causes of death and premature disability in less than half a century in Latin America. Two of the countries with a higher number of affected subjects are located in the region (Brazil and Mexico). Prevalence of the disease is close to 10 % in Latin American countries.   Digital health solutions have demonstrated significant clinical outcomes in numerous studies for patients with diabetes, significantly improving control and quality of life.  

“I am excited to start this new collaboration”, said Maria Jesus Salido, CEO of Social Diabetes, “Axenya and its world-class team are the perfect partner for us as we expand beyond our home countries and into one of the most promising markets in the world.”

The companies will not disclose further plans at the moment. 

Axenya e HealthCO se juntam para criar um ecossistema de saúde corporativa digitalmente aumentado, fornecendo e gerindo planos de saúde de forma digitalizada e protegendo a saúde do colaborador, de ponta a ponta, durante toda a jornada de cuidado.