Building solutions to help patients cope with chronic disease
The support chronic disease sufferers need, 24/7 

Axenya is building solutions to help patients cope with chronic disease.
Solutions that will make it easier for them to follow their daily medication routine, to generate healthy habits, to keep track of how they’re doing and to contact a care provider as and when they need – so that they can get on with living their life.

Our Solutions
Welcome to Axenya
It’s hard to manage chronic health conditions

Sufferers of deseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure (CHF) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), need to change many behaviors at once: taking multiple medications, eating more healthily, exercising regularly – actions that even the healthiest of people find challenging. Complex treatment plans, combined with a lack of clarity around how different conditions and medications interact, mean that it can be difficult to take decisions with confidence.

Welcome to Axenya

Axenya is working to provide chronic disease sufferers with easy access to a set of proven tools, to help them cope with and take more control of their condition

Axenya connects and integrates specialized tools to form what are known as “digital therapeutics”. They support patients by doing things like ensuring they are taking the right medication at the right time, constantly monitoring critical variables such as heart rate and blood sugar level, making sense of these different variables so that they understand their condition at all times and suggesting actions to take when necessary.

Unlike consumer-focused health and lifestyle applications, these tools are clinically-tested, regulated and selected by Axenya for the value that they can bring to care programs.

And since Axenya believes that self-care is incomplete care, the digital therapeutics also include connection to care providers, to enable monitoring and counselling, with in-the-moment communication when it’s needed.

Axenya’s digital health platform
will provide patients with:


One stop shop

A single solution that covers all elements of their condition or conditions


Clear instructions

Clear instructions to help them follow complex treatment plans


Straighforward info

Uncomplicated information about their disease and explanation of their medication routine


Healthy lifestyle

Support for changes in lifestyle and development of new routines



Ability to self-monitor, but always guided by experts


Quick assistance

The possibility to quickly reach a care provider when necessary


Guidance & feedback

Guidance, reassurance and feedback in the moment for specific needs