Local Plug & Play functionality for health solutions
Making it easier for world-class health-tech and med-tech solutions to touch down in Latin America

Axenya builds disease-specific ecosystems accross a common platform that can connect players seamlessly and integrate unobtrusively into care delivery programs.  By partnering into these next-generation ecosystems, medical and health technology companies can scale up quickly and easily. Partners can focus on their global, ground-breaking innovation without worrying about local connection, integration and access problems.

Welcome to Axenya

Axenya next-generation ecosystems
are built on the principles of:


Open Science

Axenya provides carefully engineered open innovation ecosystems with apps that complement each other and cover the broad range of patients’ needs

  • Axenya searches for technology partners that can bring critical functional contributions to its next-generation ecosystems
  • Axenya carefully curates its offering so that patients and doctors can benefit from the latest discoveries and more powerful technologies, no matter where they were invented
  • Axenya ensures that each ecosystem provides an encompassing set of tools with all that the patients and care providers need



Axenya ecosystems operate within a consistent underlying architecture, sharing common ground rules and unified services

  • Single login platform
  • Simple integration through APIs and SDKs
  • Regulatory services
  • Marketing and medical education services
  • Access and payer services
  • Horizontal data analytics
  • Data consolidation


Integration & Interoperability

Axenya allows for a coherent and all-encompassing patient view, with data that can be shared seamlessly and intraoperatively

  • A robust set of data that captures every digital intervention in a common database
  • Synchronic set of clinical variables that ensures apps work together in unison and with the latest information
  • Common industry-standard formats and protocols through which apps can communicate and collaborate
  • Proprietary and third-party analytic engines that can mine data horizontally to identify areas for improvement and create novel solutions



Axenya connects to all stakeholders and plugs unobtrusively into the care provider’s clinical workflows allowing patient-generated data to flow into the care providers´ clinical systems

  • A control panel that allows physicians and other care providers to get a complete, per-patient view of the data generated by all apps
  • Tools to securely integrate data collected automatically into medical record systems
  • Tools that allow a clinician to quickly and easily view patient-generated data in the context of other medical information, such as history, interventions and lab tests
  • A powerful telemedicine engine, where patients and care providers can exchange text messages, video and voice calls and documents