Initiation of clinical study

May 31, 2020 /Press releases

Montevideo, Uruguay, May 31st, 2020 / PRNewswire / AXENYA, a Latin-American digital health start-up company, announces initiation of its first trial and pilot-test for its industry-first diabetes care ecosystem in Latin America. 

“We are founded on solid research and sustained by a robust clinical program”, said Dr. Esteban Rubin, Axenya’s co-founder.  “We focus on enhancing the doctor-patient relationship with next-generation therapeutic tools that show measurable outcomes and upon which doctors can build an evidence-based clinical pathway. There is no modern medicine without evidence”.

Axenya, that started operations in early 2020, offers software and hardware products that expand the doctor’s toolbox, allows them to help their patients achieve higher standards of health and make the overall practice of medicine more personalized and precise.  Similar technology tools have been used in other regions for comparable purposes and have shown significant clinical outcomes in controlled peer-reviewed trials.  Unlike drug-related trials, that target mostly chemical and biological factors, technology solutions draw significantly on complex cultural traits and depend more heavily on behavioral science.  In drug trials the effects of treatment can be reasonably inferred in a different population, because human beings tend to be reasonably uniform in their biological traits.  Digital tools, on the other hand, require heavier adaptation and careful local research to ensure efficacy and safety.  Axenya is committed to funding and conducting the local research required to provide the medical community with relevant and robust evidence. 

Axenya has appointed Dr. Adrian Proietti as Principal Investigator for this study.   Dr. Proietti is a prominent endocrinologist and internist with broad experience in the application of technology to medicine and, more specifically, to diabetes care.   Dr. Proietti has a medical degree from Universidad de Buenos Aires and has studied at Emory University School of Medicine under Dr. Bruce W. Bode, one of the world’s top authorities in insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring, two of the cutting-edge technologies revolutionizing diabetes care.  He also has undergone post-graduate studies at University of Ljubljana on the field of applied technology to diabetes care. After 10 years of clinical practice at Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Dr. Proietti is now the Director of IDTA, Instituto Integral de Diabetes y Tecnología Aplicada, in Buenos Aires.   

“I am very excited to collaborate with Axenya”, said Dr. Proietti.  “I have been avidly following the development of the health-technology sector in the past few years in other regions and I believe that similar tools can bring significant value to Latin America, if we take the time to carefully stitch all the pieces into the local healthcare systems.   We are in the early years of a revolution in patient care.   In a decade, we will look at today’s standard of care as we look today at a late twentieth century fax machine”.  

The company expects to start recruiting in the next few weeks and conduct the study in late 2020.

Axenya e HealthCO se juntam para criar um ecossistema de saúde corporativa digitalmente aumentado, fornecendo e gerindo planos de saúde de forma digitalizada e protegendo a saúde do colaborador, de ponta a ponta, durante toda a jornada de cuidado.