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For doctors

We offer full stack digital therapeutic solutions that expand your clinical toolbox, expand your ability to treat and monitor your patients, augment your impact over your patients health and extend the doctor-patient relationship in truly innovative ways.

For health plans

We offer innovative care options that help you keep your population within clinical control parameters, increasing their overall health and lowering their overall healthcare costs.

For employers

We enable a higher level of engagement for your workforce with solutions that give your employees more choice, convenience and control over their own health, while reducing the rising burden of healthcare.

For DTx companies

We are your gateway to Latin America. Partner with us for a seamless market entry strategy, rapid scale-up and managing all regulatory and market upfront barriers. Get access to our in-market infrastructure, decades-long experience in the region and unparalleled track-record in healthcare partnerships.

For Pharma companies

Partner with us to step into the future, with around the pill solutions that increase compliance, augment clinical efficacy and allow for an enhanced patient experience.

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Axenya e HealthCO se juntam para criar um ecossistema de saúde corporativa digitalmente aumentado, fornecendo e gerindo planos de saúde de forma digitalizada e protegendo a saúde do colaborador, de ponta a ponta, durante toda a jornada de cuidado.