The power to fundamentally transform diabetes clinical pathway

Kralixya leverages digital technology to make it easier for people with diabetes to stay healthy.

remote access to care providers that supports decision making

• 24/7 remote health coaching

• 24/7 care team access

• Keep doctors and loved ones informed

Real-time, hard-data and health signals that take the guessing out clinical management programs

• Connects to over 450 smart biosensors

• Sanitizes and aggregates data into a coherent unique platform

Personalized digital guidance that motivates action

• Event-driven feedback and corrections

• Clinical pathway support software

• AI and behavioral science-based insights

Kralixya patient platform: bringing order to chaos

KralixyaMD runs on patients’ mobile phones (Android and IOS), keeping permanent connections to the care cloud.

KralixyaMD care provider platform: taking anamnesis and monitoring to the XXI century

Kralixya care provider platform runs on Windows, MacOS,
iPad and most android-based tablets.

Doctor’s indication

Doctor enrolls patient in Axenya and indicates a disease management plan

Personalized onboarding

Patient recieves welcome kit. Coach helps to set-up system and biosensors and flesh-out plan.

Automatic data capturing

Everytime the patient uses a biosensor. Axenya collects data and organizes it.

Decision support

By giving a full picture and insights into the data and management plan

Event-driven interventions

One or more variables fall outside of range. Axenya coach is notified and proactively intervenes to provide support and plan for course correction.

Telemedicine check-ups

Doctor checks up on patient, using the platform and engages in a data-rich conversation.

Patient full outlook

Doctor and patient review full datasets and adjust disease management plan

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Axenya e HealthCO se juntam para criar um ecossistema de saúde corporativa digitalmente aumentado, fornecendo e gerindo planos de saúde de forma digitalizada e protegendo a saúde do colaborador, de ponta a ponta, durante toda a jornada de cuidado.