Axenya announces second round of funding

Jul 28, 2021 /Press releases Healthtech Axenya recebe segundo aporte de capital Investimento irá permitir que a companhia promova a expansão no Brasil do serviço inovador que revoluciona o tratamento das doenças crônicas Montevideu e São Paulo, julho de 2021 – A Axenya, uma companhia de terapias digitais com operações no Uruguai e Brasil, acaba de […]

Clinical study presented at ATTD

Jun 8, 2021 /News We are proud to report the presentation of a study by Dr. Adrian Proietti et al.   Using Axenya’s proprietary technology, Dr. Proietti and his team generated outstanding clinical results and measurable impact in their patients physical and mental health.   Download the pdf for the full poster.

Gradually and then Suddenly

Apr 18, 2021 /White papers Gradually, then suddenly The time is right for the third generation of digital health The technology is ready, the regulatory context is becoming clearer, and – accelerated by pandemic-driven paradigm shifts – both patients and physicians appear eager.  The third generation of  digital health is with us, bringing transformational digital medicine and […]

Press Release

Mar 30, 2021 /Press releases New Partnerships Announced

Press Release

Mar 30, 2021 /Press releases Results of clinical study

Not in Kansas Anymore

Feb 20, 2021 /White papers What will the “new normal” really mean for digital medicine? There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened digital transformation across the board.  Among the changes of the past year is a leap in the use of telemedicine, preparing the way for far more transformative digital health technologies that are […]