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Better solutions for doctors means better care for patients
Easy access to solutions that help doctors provide their patients with better care 

Axenya is building digital therapeutics programs that will enable care providers to get insight into patient behavior, pre-digested and actionable information about a patient’s condition, and the opportunity to offer always-on support, all delivered across a single integrated digital platform.

Welcome to Axenya
Until now, it has difficult for care providers to take advantage of healthcare innovation

While numerous digital health tools and services have been developed over the past few years, few have been able to improve patient care in any significant way.  Stand-alone, focused offerings have been difficult to scale up, while the more than 300,000 health and lifestyle applications available to consumers generally lack clinical evidence.  In all cases, a lack of connection and integration within broader health systems has drastically reduced possible impact.

Welcome to Axenya

Axenya’s next-generation digital care
ecosystems are different


Latest health tools

Axenya brings together latest generation, clinically-tested digital health tools and applications to create disease-specific care programs, delivered via digital channels, that complement and strengthen traditional treatments.


Health innovation

These ecosystems technology in innovative ways, combining connected health, telemedicine, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and disease management algorithms.  

Axenya´s digital therapeutic solutions don’t just collect data - by connecting different tools and integrating information from multiple sources, they discern meaning from that data and turn it into actionable information

Axenya's solutions provide doctors with new insights and understanding into patient behavior outside of the clinic, by enabling continual monitoring and so extending care into everyday life. This gives doctors the chance to analyze diseases from a completely new point of view and to execute real-time corrections supported by real-time data. Axenya also connects patients to providers and support groups as and when needed, ensuring that they feel – and are – as well supported as possible.

Solutions are designed to integrate smoothly into the care provider’s workflow, providing pre-digested, cross-referenced information. This can help health professionals to expand their toolbox and offer more precise and more personalized care at the moment that it is needed, without overwhelming with data. Far from being a replacement for the doctor-patient relationship, Axenya digital therapeutic solutions are designed to build upon and enhance it, through the improved care provided by more insightful information and always-on support.  

Axenya’s digital health platform is designed to
deal with care providers’ most pressing issues:



Give insight into patient therapeutic responses, behaviors and lifestyle outside of the clinic


Far more than data

Provide actionable information, not just vast quantities of data



Integrate new tools and applications into existing processes and systems


Quality time

Help free up doctors' time to provide patients with the support that they need